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Friday, 21 November 2008

Ryan Adams Concert Set list from Brighton, UK

Ryan Adams Concert Set list from Brighton, UK

19th November 2008

Ryan Adams announced he and the Cardinals are going to do two shows in NZ. I rang Charlie to spread the good word and a work colleague who overheard the conversation asked me if Bryan Adams was really still touring....

Ryan Adams and the Cardinals Set List:

1. Cobwebs
2. Stars Go Blue
3. Sink Ships
4. Everybody Knows
5. Go Easy
6. A kiss before I Go
7. Fix It
8. Evergreen
9. Goodnight Rose
10. Freeway
11. Wonderwall
12. Born Into A Light
14. Come Pick Me Up 
15. Why Do They Leave?
16. Two
17. Grand Island

Band Introductions

18. La Cienega just smiled
19. Cold Roses 
20. Meadowlake St
21. Off Broadway
22. Let It Ride
23. Natural Ghost 
24. Rescue Blues
25. Stop
26. I See Monster

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1 comment:

cakelunch said...

Thanks for the set lists. I'm looking forward to seeing ryan in Australia... and this is just about the only place to find recent setlists to get some idea of what's in store. answeringbell.com seems to be inactive more than a year.

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