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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

NIN set list from Columbus Schottenstein Center

Nine Inch Nails concert set list from Columbus.

NIN played at the Schottenstein Center.

Thanks to Amy for sending in the set list !

NIN set list 18th November 2008:

999,999 /1,000,000 /Letting You /Discipline/ March of the Pigs/ Head Down /The Frail /Closer /Gave Up /The Warning /The Great Destroyer /Ghosts 5 /Ghosts 25 /Ghosts 19 /Ghosts/ Piggy /The Greater Good /Pinion/ Wish /Terrible Lie /Survivalism /Ghosts 31 /Only /The Hand that Feeds/ Head Like a Hole

NIN encore

Echoplex /Good Soldier /Hurt/ In This Twilight

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