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Sunday, 30 November 2008

Kid Rock Set List VH1 Story Tellers Concert

Kid Rock Set List VH1 Story Tellers Concert

Kid Rock loves keeps on trucking so when his wheel's landed outside of Nashville, he and the Twisted Brown Trucker band recorded a set for VH1 Storytellers

The premise of VH1 Storytellers is that the singer explains  to the audience where the songs came from, what the inspirations were. 

After a few years of hard slog with no return Kid Rock released Devil Without A Cause which, on the back of giant single, Bawitdaba, took over the charts. Kid Rock has released a few albusm since then having had a minor hit with his duet with Sheryl Crow. This year Kid Rock has become popular again with his Lynrd Skynrd homage, All Summer Long. 

kid rock vh1 storytellers picture

My Name is Kid Rock!

The show aired on Thanksgiving day, November 27 2008.

Kid Rock VH1 Story Tellers Set List 

Bawitdaba (with choir)
Devil Without A Cause
America The Beautiful
American Bad Ass
So Hott
Half Your Age
Roll On
Only God Knows Why
Bad, Bad Leroy Brown
Midwest Fall
Medley (Forever/Cocky/What I Learned)
If I Was President
All Summer Long
This Little Light of Mine
Rock ‘n’ Roll Jesus

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