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Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Weezer Concert Set List Michigan, Detroit

Weezer Concert Set List Palace of Auburn Hills, Michigan, Detroit

29th September 2008

My Name is Jonas
Say it ain't so
Pink Triangle
Dope Nose

Perfect Situation
El Scorcho
Undone (with Tom DeLonge adding backup vocals)
Hash Pipe
King -
Morning Glory (Oasis Cover)
Pork & Beans

Encore uno :

Island in the Sun
Beverly Hills

Encore Two:

Buddy Holly

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1 comment:

mark said...

well, the show i saw at the palace monday night featured the sweater song earlier in the show, The Greatest Man That Ever Lived and the heartsongs/sliver (nirvana cover) (second encore). at least the first & last songs are correct.

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