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Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Ryan Adams / Cardinals Concert Song List Madison, Wisconsin

Ryan Adams Concert Song List Madison, Wisconsin (WI)

October 5th 2008

Confessions of a Fanboy called it a "Marathon in Madison." I say it’s another bloody long meandering set list that stops to smell the roses. Even though this is a long set list, it’s quite varied compared to the Cardinals’ Fox Theatre Set List. Apparently the Cardinals were fined by the concert venue for playing past their curfew. I like that in a band!

Ryan Adams set list at the Overture Hall.

1. Cobweb 2. Sinking Ship 3. Everybody Knows 4. Wonderwall 5. Come Pick Me Up6 . Fix It 7. Goodnight Rose 8. Peaceful Valley 9. Like Yesterday 10. La Cienega Just Smiled 11. Let it Ride 12. Desire 13. Sun Also Sets 14. Rescue Blues 15. Oh My God Whatever, Etc


16. Crossed Out Name 17. Why Do They Leave 18. Mockingbird 19. Off Broadway 20. Magnolia Mountain 21. Shakedown on 9th Street 22. Go Easy 23. Easy Plateau 24. Two 25. What Sin 27. Please Do Not Let Me Go 28. Dear Chicago 29. Freeway to the Canyon 30. A Kiss Before I Go 31. When The Stars Go Blue

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