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Sunday, 14 September 2008

Weezer Concert Set List Osaka, Japan

Weezer Concert Set List Osaka, Japan

13th September 2008

For some reason when I think of Weezer I think of a bunch of asthmatics. No bother though that Weezer and Rivers could breath easy in Japan with the following set list:

1.Dope Nose
2.Pork & Beans
3.Hash Pipe
5.Buddy Holy
6.Pink Triangle
8.Say it ain't so
9.Keep Fishin'
11.Greatest Man
12.Perfect Situation
14.Undone-The sweater song
15.We will rock you

The Sauce

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1 comment:

Anthony said...

wow thats a pretty good set though i would like to see another blue album song as the encore rather than a cover =/

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