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Thursday, 4 September 2008

Metallica's Death Magnetic Lyric and Video Round Up

Metallica’s long awaited studio album, Death Magnetic is on its way in a few days.

The album has a notable song on it called The Unforgiven III. This is the one that every one is really hanging out for. A third Unforgiven! Is it a cynical attempt to cash in on past glories? The placation of the fans after the dire St Anger? or has James Hetfield written another masterpiece?
'The Unforgiven III' will no doubt be the first track most Metallica fans play when they get the album.

Here’s the video for The Day That Never Comes. Metallica worked with acclaimed film director and fellow Dane (to Lars anyway) Thomas Vinterberg. Their goal with the song was ‘to step outside of the usual every day music video box and into to the world of film’. It was shot outside of Los Angeles, USA in August 2008. Old school Metallica fans might be reminded of the song One off the ...And Justice for All album.

The Day That Never Comes

Here’s the lyric for 'The Day That Never Comes'

Got your pills handy? Here’s the lyrics and concert video footage for 'Cyanide' which was debuted by Metallica as part of the OZZFest Set List

Here’s some more Metallica Lyrics from the Metallica Lyric Lounge

'All Nightmare Long'
'That Was Just Your Life''
'My Apocalypse'
'The End Of The Line'
'The Judas Kiss'

Except for this one, 'Suicide & Redemption' which is an instrumental. Let’s hope it’s epic like Call of Klutu

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i want demo s lyric about death magnetic if u can help me?

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