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Monday, 22 September 2008

Beck Concert Set List at the Hollywood Bowl

Beck Concert Set List at the Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles California

20th September 2008

Beck headlined a gig the Hollywood Bowl with electronic pop band of the moment MGMT and Spoon opening up.. for me the show is notable that Beck opened with his break out hit Loser – instant crowd pleaser I’m sure.

Beck’s Set List

Loser / Girl / Nausea / Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat (Dylan cover) / Guero / Nicotine & Gravy / Mixed Bizness / Devils Haircut / Timebomb / Soul of a Man / Gamma Ray / Hell Yes / Black Tambourine / Modern Guilt / Paper Tiger / Think I’m in Love / Missing / Lonesome Tears / Replica / Round the Bend / Chemtrails
Encore: Where It’s At / E-Pro

Extra for Experts

Spoon’s set list: My Mathematical Mind / Don’t You Evah / Got Yr. Cherry Bomb / Stay Don’t Go / The Ghost of You Lingers / Who Backs Your Money (new song) / Beast and Komodo Dragon, Adored / I Turn My Camera On / Peace Like a River (Paul Simon cover) / They Never Got You / I Summon You / Don’t Make Me a Target / The Underdog / Black Like Me

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