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Thursday, 14 August 2008

Stone Temple Pilots Set List from Borgata in Atlantic City:

Stone Temple Pilots Set List from Borgata in Atlantic City:

Big Empty/Wicked Garden/Big Bang Baby/Silver Gun /Superman/Vasoline/Lounge Fly/Lady Picture Show/Sour Girl/Creep/Crackerman/Plush/Interstate Love Song/Too Cool Queenie/Coma/Down/Sex Type Thing/Sin


Dead and Bloated /Trippin’ on a Hole in a Paper Heart

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This fellow had good things to say:

"The first question anyone asks me is “how was Weiland?” He was awesome. He seemed a little weird when he was talking between songs, but he was dead on with his vocals, so I don’t think he’s off the wagon. Or is that “on the wagon”? The DeLeos were just as great as always. During their stint with Army of Anyone I realized that they are probably the main reason that I am such a huge STP fan. Robert’s intensity on stage was great and he looks like he’s talking to himself while bobbing his head to the beat. Dean just about melted my face off with his guitar solos played almost note-for-note like the songs on the albums. Eric Kretz was solid with his drumming and probably one of the more underrated drummers of the nineties."

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chris scheler said...

Thanks for linking to my post! It was a great show. Check out some of my tunes, which are available for free download. Also...I should have Filter and Weezer reviews in the near future.

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