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Monday, 11 August 2008

Metallica OZZfest Concert Set List plus videos of new song Cyanide

Metallica OZZfest Concert Set List

Metallica's concert set list from the Ozzfest. King Diamond made a guest appearance during the show on 'Mercyful Fate'. Metallica played their brand spankin new song, Cyanide from Death Magnetic.

9th August 2008 - Friso Texas

Metallica's Set List for OzzFest

'Creeping Death', 'For Whom The Bell Tolls', 'Ride The Lightning', 'Harvester Of Sorrow', 'Welcome Home (Sanitarium)', 'Cyanide', '...And Justice For All', 'No Remorse', 'Fade To Black', 'Master Of Puppets', 'Damage Inc.', 'Nothing Else Matters', 'Sad But True One', 'Enter Sandman', 'Mercyful Fate' (with King Diamond), 'Seek And Destroy'

Here's the video footage of 'Cyanide'. Check out the shredding! Death Magnetic has metallica sounding solos!

Cyanide 1

Cyanide 2 With James Hetfield intoduction

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