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Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Jakob Dylan concert set list from his gig the Newport Folk Festival.

Jakob Dylan concert set list from his gig the Newport Folk Festival.

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Jacob Dylan. He was once more popular than his Jokerman Dad was. Well until The Wallflowers turned to custard and Bob got his act together with some pretty solid albums. Actually who actually buys a Bob Dylan album these days? Whatever you can buy Jacob’s new album, Seeing Things if you like are against piracy..

2 August 2008

Dylan's Newport Folk Festival Set List

"All Day and All Night"
"Something Good This Way Comes"
"Everybody Pays as They Go"
"The Beautiful Side of Somewhere"
"Evil Is Alive and Well"
"The End of the Telescope"
"Shy of the Moon"
"Closer to You"
"Three Marlenas"
"Will It Grow"
"How Good It Can Get"
"On up the Mountain"

When Jakob Dylan and the Wallflowers eventually broke through to main success, his producer T Bone Burnett was noted for saying:

“"As far as Jakob is concerned, I can't imagine having larger footsteps to follow in. But Jakob's character is clearly defined and he handles success with grace, which also says a lot about Bob as a father."

Mr T. Burnett went on to state that the success of Bringing Down the Horse had nothing to do with the family name:

"I don't think Jakob sold a single record because he is Bob's son. I think he sold a lot of records because "One Headlight" is a very good song. I wonder how many Wallflowers fans even know who Bob Dylan is."

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