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Sunday, 17 August 2008

Jack Johnson Concert Set List Kansas

Jack Johnson Concert Set List Kansas

Word on the street is that Dorothy and Toto where no where to be found.
Where? Capitol Federal Park Sandstone, Bonner Springs, Kansas

Why? He can play 3 chords
jack johnson kansas concert live set list picture

Hope, Taylor, Sleep Through the Static, Go On, Mother and Child Reunion, Do You Remember, Flake, Upside Down, Bubble Toes, Wasting Time, Where Will the Children Play, Fall Line, Constellations, Breakdown, Banana Pancakes, Same Girl, Still Family (with Zach Gill), Staple It Together, If I Had Eyes/Time Is On My Side, Good People. Encore: All At Once, Times Like These, Fancy Clothes, Home, Angel, Better Together.

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