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Thursday, 14 August 2008

Eddie Vedder Solo Concert Set List Massey Hall Toronto

hi how are you daniel johnston from picture Jeremiah the Innocent
Eddie Vedder Solo Concert Set List Massey Hall, Toronto

13 August 2008

Walking the Cow (Daniel Johnston)
Trouble (Cat Stevens)
Around the Bend*
I Am Mine*
Dead Man*
Man of the Hour*
Long May You Run (Neil Young)
Masters of War (Bob Dylan)
Setting Forth**
No Ceiling**
Far Behind**
Millworker (James Taylor)
You're True**
Let my love open the door (Pete Townsend)
1st encore:
Helpless (Neil Young) (with Eliza-Jane Barnes)
Society (Jerry Hannan) (with Liam Finn)
Throw Your Arms Around Me (Hunters & Collectors) (with Liam Finn)
Small Town*
No More**
I Am A Patriot (Steven Van Zandt)


Old Man (Neil Young) (with Liam Finn and Eliza-Jane Barnes on vocals and with Eddie Vedder on drums!)
Rockin' in the Free World (Neil Young)
Hard Sun (Gordon Peterson)

Key: * Pearl Jam original / ** Eddie Vedder Original / (artist name - cover)

A fellow in the comments noted that Walking the Cow is a cover by Daniel Johnston. He appears to have a bit of a cult following. He has bipolar disorder as you can see from this wikipedia story:

In 1990, he played at South By Southwest, a music festival in Austin, Texas. On the way back to West Virginia on a small, private plane piloted by his father, Johnston had a manic episode and wrestled control of the plane away from his father, removing the key from the ignition and throwing it out of the plane. His father, a World War II fighter pilot, managed to successfully crash-land the plane in a wooded area. Although the plane was destroyed, Johnston and his father emerged unharmed. As a result of this episode, Johnston was involuntarily committed to a mental hospital."

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Anonymous said...

sorry buddy but, 'walking the cow' is definitely not a pearl jam song. its written by a guy named Daniel Johnston. If you get the chance, check out the doc 'the devil and daniel johnston'. you will hear the song and be blown the F away.

Anonymous said...

Anyone have the setlist from the first night at Massey Hall on August 12th..., I've been looking around for it with no luck

Anonymous said...

here ya go bud

Main Set: Walking The Cow, Trouble, Sometimes, I Am Mine, Dead Man, Man Of The Hour, Long May You Run (N. Young), Setting Forth, No Ceiling, Guaranteed, Far Behind, Rise, Here's To The State, Picture In A Frame (T. Waites), Broken Hearted,Goodbye (disc flip, some banter missed), Driftin', Hide Your Love Away, Last Kiss, Porch.

Encore 1: Believe You Me/Wishlist, Society w/ L. Finn, Parting Ways w/ L. Finn, Small town, The Seeker (The Who), No More, ARC
Encore 2: Hard Sun

Anonymous said...

Muchos Gracias to whomever posted the Aug 12th setlist. It was one of my top 5 all time concert expereinces. Loved Eddie's performance and interaction with the crowd at Massey Hall. Thanks for answering my post.

Hilary said...

One the second night, I'm pretty sure he also played Elderly Woman Behind a Counter in a Small Town .. no??? I was there .. I just can't remember at what point it was played

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