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Saturday, 23 August 2008

Eddie Vedder solo concert set list at the The Auditorium Theatre, Roosevelt University, Chicago

Eddie Vedder solo concert set list at the The Auditorium Theatre, Roosevelt University, Chicago

Eddie Vedder continues to tour with out Pearl Jam but no matter the fans are loving it. Eddie's focussed on his Into the Wild material and is throwing in plenty of covers and the odd Pearl Jam hit.

The full review notes "As a frontman for Pearl Jam, he’s more likened to a rabid, angry lead singer; however, alone on stage, he was vulernable. To his fortune, he played it off well, jostling with the crowd some, engaging the audience with sing alongs, and digressing on story after story. " The review says that opening act Liam Finn is Australian born - well so what he's a Kiwi!

Eddie Vedder Set List:

Walking the Cow (Daniel Johnston cover) / Trouble (Cat Stevens cover)/Ship Song (Nick Cave cover)/I Am Mine/Hurt (Nine Inch Nails cover)/Sometimes/Man of the Hour/No More/Setting Forth/No Ceiling/Guaranteed/Far Behind/Rise Up/Here’s to the State of Mississippi/Goodbye/Driftin’/You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away (Beatles cover)/Better Man /Porch

First Encore: Elderly Woman / Someday We‘ll Go All the Way (Cubs Song) / Helpless (Neil Young cover- w/Eliza Jane) / Society (w/ Liam Finn) / Parting Ways (w/ Liam Finn)Arc

Second Encore: Hard Sun (w/ Liam Finn)

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Anonymous said...

Anyone know where to find the set lisst for Friday night's show, night two?

Anonymous said...

im also looking for the set list for 8-22-08 eddie vedder set list

Anonymous said...

me three i cant find it anywhere. only songs i know r gir from north county and masters of war. i think both were played.

Anonymous said...

I am another one searching for that setlist. I've sent an email to the tenclub requesting they put the solo tour info up on the site. Seems like a wise decision. Also asked about any bootlegs that might be made available. We shall see.....

Anonymous said...

I'm dying to know the list myself! These are the songs I clearly remember hearing that amazing Friday night in Chicago. I know I'm missing some...and they're not necessarily in order of how they were played. Hope someone out there can provide the most accurate list:

Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town
Girl From the North Country (Bob Dylan)
Trouble (Cat Stevens)
Dead Man Walking
Masters of War (Dylan)
Quadrophenia ? (the Who)
Hide Your Love Away
Let My Love Open the Door (Townsend)
Someday We'll Go All The Way (Cub's Song)
Throw Your Arms Around Me (w/Liam Finn)
I Am Mine
Soon Forget
Brain Damage (Pink Floyd -- didn't finish the song -- gave it up about halfway through and tossed the sheet music aside. classic. )

Second Encore:
Hard Sun -- joined by friends on percussion which included Sean Penn

That's all I can remember. It was a show that stunned me and the rest of the amazing group of fans in that beautiful auditorium. I could listen to that man all night.

Anonymous said...

add Sometimes (pearl jam)to that list. he sang that too.

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