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Monday, 21 July 2008

Paul McCartney Concert Set List Quebec Les Plaines d'Abraham

Paul McCartney Concert Set List Quebec Les Plaines d'Abraham

Fresh after his Let it Be performance with Billy Joel in New York, Beatles legend Paul McCartney did his best to give peace a chance with a free concert on Sunday night at the Les Plaines d'Abraham in Quebec City. The concert was to celebrate the city's 400 years.

Some Quebec nationalists had got a bit ansty about Paul playing because he was English. He just urged them "to smoke the pipes of peace" over their opposition to his free concert.... ne ways let there be rock....

Here's  Paul McCartney's Coachella 2009 Set List

McCartney's Set List

Drive My Car
Only Mama Knows
All My Loving
Flaming Pie
Got To Get You Into My Life
Let Me Roll It
C Moon
My Love
Let Em In
Fine Line
The Long And Winding Road
Dance Tonight
Calico Skies
Follow The Sun
Mrs Vanderbilt
Eleanor Rigby
A Day In A Life / Give Peace a Chance
Good Day Sunshine
Too Many People / Bathroom Window
Penny Lane
Band On The Run
Back In The USSR
I Got A Feeling
Live And Let Die
Let It Be
Hey Jude
Lady Madonna
Get Back
I Saw Her Standing There

Sgt. Peppers

Update: Set list corrected ala Paul Mccartney.com Thanks to the good people who pointed this out in the comments section. JJ.

Paul McCartney's Ukraine Concert Set List and here's his Liverpool gig

Here's some videos from the Quebec Concert

Let It Be

Thank You


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Nellie O' Apple said...

Thank you for posting the setlist on my thread =) That was a nice gesture!

Patrick Matte said...

"Some Quebec nationalists"

That's too bad. I'm from Quebec City and I consider myself to be a nationalist, but the few people who made the news last week with the oposition (there were actually 3-4 of them) are just plain stupid extremists in the eyes of the vast majority.

The show was great! A perfect night!

ificandream said...

Thanks very much for the setlist. I linked to it here: http://abbeyrd.best.vwh.net/news/411paulhalifax.html.


Jonathan Migneault said...

He definitely played "Yesterday" in the encore.

ificandream said...

Yeah, actually the setlist here is incomplete. The McCartney site has the full setlist. He ended with "Sgt. Pepper" and also did "Woman" during the show.

ificandream said...

He didn't do "Woman." (I think I need more coffee.)

Anonymous said...

You are missing the last couple of songs:

Carry That Weight
The End

Anonymous said...

My bad, he didn't do Carry That Weight.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and after Drive My Car was Only Momma Knows, and after All My Loving was Flaming Pie, IIRC.

Anonymous said...

Yeah he played Yesterday and SGT Peppers
wasnt the last song Carry That Weight, withouth the part carry that weight at the end ???
I remember being so into it, and he stopped there, before going in for Carry that Weight sing-a-long !

Anonymous said...

Okay, corrected final encore:

Sgt. Peppers (Reprise)
Carry That Weight???
The End

I'd have to dig out Abbey Road from the mess of boxes in my house, but I seem to think he did an extended intro of The End, but not Carry that Weight.

Jimmy Jangles said...

Thanks everyone for the queries on the encore - my bad - have fixed it up via the paul mcartney website. thx.

WithinTheMind said...

You can watch like 80% of the songs played during this video here:


Anonymous said...

Complete show is available on torrent411.com... Enjoy!

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