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Friday, 25 July 2008

Metallica / Death Magnetic / Track Listing / Album Cover / The Unforgiven III

Metallica / Death Magnetic / Track Listing / Album Cover / The Unforgiven III

SINP has spotted that Rolling Stone Magazine has published the track listing for the new Metallica album Death Magnetic.

The album is due out sometime in September and was produced by Rick Rubin and not Bob Rock....

Of immeadiate note is the song 'The Unforgiven III' which sounds like Metallica might be flogging a dead horse, but who knows. Or maybe they are trying to please the fans after the dire effort that was St Anger.

Rollingstone noted "After a sheet music website accidentally revealed (and then deleted) the track list for Metallica’s Death Magnetic earlier today, the band confirmed the ten songs".

Here's the album's Cover

metallica death magnetic album cover picture

Death Magnetic Album Track Listing

'That Was Just Your Life'
'The End Of The Line'
'Broken, Beat & Scarred'
'The Day That Never Comes'
'All Nightmare Long'
'The Unforgiven III'
'The Judas Kiss'
'Suicide & Redemption'
'My Apocalypse'

You can get lyrics to many Metallica songs here

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Anonymous said...

I actually have good feelings about the upcoming album. Definitely check out their website at www.missionmetallica.com. It has exclusive photos, videos, and tracks... plus recording footage from the new album and ways to win contests. Totally excited for the new album... Rock on!

Anonymous said...

I am really excited about the new album, the ones I have heard are amazing and I am going to learn them. Check Out www.myspace.com/belowdefect
A cover of sandman and are stuff coming soon!

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