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Sunday, 22 June 2008

Tom Waits concert Set List / The Plaza / El Paso

Tom Waits concert Set List / The Plaza / El Paso

20th June 2008

Tom Wait's Set List

1. Lucinda (Orphans)
2. Way Down in the Hole (Franks Wild Years)
3. Falling Down (Big Time)
4. Chocolate Jesus (Mule Variations)
5. Singapore (Rain Dogs), tour debut
6. Fannin Street (Orphans), tour debut
7. Get Behind the Mule (Mule Variations)
8. Trampled Rose (Real Gone)
9. Metropolitan Glide (Real Gone)
10. The Other Side of the World (Night on Earth soundtrack), tour debut
11. God's Away on Busines (Blood Money version)
12. Hoist That Rag (Real Gone), with Sullivan Waits on congas
key to the city
piano section
13. Lucky Day (Black Rider soundtrack), tour debut
14. House Where Nobody Lives (Mule Variations), tour debut
15. Lost in the Harbour (Alice soundtrack)
band return
16. Lie to Me (Orphans)
17. Goin' Out West (Bone Machine)
18. Jesus Gonna Be Here w/band intros (Bone Machine)
19. Make it Rain (Real Gone)
20. Dirt in the Ground

The Sauce writes a good review

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