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Monday, 16 June 2008

Stone Temple Pilots Set List Palms Casino, Las Vegas

Stone Temple Pilots Concert Set List from their gig at Palms Casino in Las Vegas. Viva Las Vegas!

14 June 2008

Stone Temple Pilots Palms Casino set list:

1. intro
2. Big Empty
3. Wicked Garden
4. Big Bang Baby
5. Silver Gun Superman
6. - talk / jam -
7. Vasoline
8. Lounge Fly
9. Lady Picture Show
10. Sour Girl
11. Creep
12. Crakerman
13. Plush
14. Interstate Love Song
15. (Ticket to Ride) {Beatles Classic from Help!}
16. (Day Tripper) {Beatles classic from Rubber Soul}
17. Too Cool Queenie
18. Coma
19. - jam -
20. Down
21. Sex Type Thing
22. - talk / jam -
23. Sin
24. - encore cheers -
25. jam
26. Dead and Bloated
27. Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart
28. outro

The Spaghetti Incident's Sauce was Carl who emailed in the set list - he's "a big fan of live music..." On ya mate!

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Paul W said...

Is this really true? They played two Beatles songs? That would be sow awesome!!!

Did they play the whole songs with Scott singing?

Anonymous said...

They didn't play the whole songs, just a couple of verses from each. Yes, Scott did sing. The band was just goofing around, kind of in improv mode. After the Beatle songs, Scott told the band "If you start playing any Zeppelin tunes, we're going to be in trouble". Implicating that he didn't know any of the words.

This was a phenomenal show!

david said...

This is the only down side to playing on a online casino, you don't get to see all of the amazing stone features.

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