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Thursday, 19 June 2008

Slash working on a Solo Album

We all know that Scott Weiland left Velvet Revolver in a big huff and went back to his mates in Stone Temple Pilots. While the internetz, jumped up media and patient fans keep guessing, wishing, waiting on a nouvelle singer for Velvet Revolver, Les Paul Lover Slash isn't waiting around, but has chosen to keep busy with solo project

."I'm working on it pretty aggressively right now while I have the time cause as soon as Velvet finds its singer, then it's going to be off the races with that," he told Spinner magazine.

"It'll be my first solo record." All the other ones were just me putting other bands together and going out and just jamming. This will actually be a little bit more personal." You can actually tell this if you listen to the Snake Pit etc - the singer is just there because Slash needed a singer.

Slash further notes "I'm using this little period to be able to do as much on my solo re!cord as possible. I'm not sure exactly when it will come out, but hopefully it will come out before the Velvet Revolver record."

The Spaghetti Incident infers that this means Slash's album will be out before Chinese Democracy and we get our free Dr Peppers....

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