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Sunday, 8 June 2008

Set list for Linkin Park Concert in Madrid, Spain

Set list for Linkin Park Concert in Madrid, Spain
La Cubierta de Legan├ęs

7th June 2008

Festimad Sur


01. No More Sorrow
02. Lying From You (w/ new intro)
03. Somewhere I Belong
04. Wake 2.0
05. Given Up (w/ extended outro)
06. Papercut (w/ extended intro)
07. Points Of Authority (w/ Bloc Party & new outro)
08. In Pieces
09. Numb
10. Pushing Me Away
11. Breaking The Habit
12. Shadow Of The Day
13. Crawling (w/ reanimated intro)
14. Leave Out All The Rest
15. What I've Done
16. In The End
17. Bleed It Out (w/ drum solo)


18. Cure For The Itch
19. A Place For My Head (w/ new intro)
20. Faint (w/ extended outro)
21. One Step Closer (w/ extended outro)

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