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Sunday, 8 June 2008

REM Concert Set List Chicago

REM Concert Set List Chicago, Illinois 6th June 2008

Venue: United Center

This R.E.M. concert set list is notable for Johnny Marr playing guitar on Fall on Me in the encore. These days Johnny Marr plays his guitar for Modest Mouse who are the current tour support for R.E.M.. Marr is famous for playing in The Smith's in the 80s

1. Living Well's the Best Revenge
2. These Days
3. Begin The Begin
4. What's the Frequency, Kenneth?
5. Pilgrimage
6. Hollow Man
6. Animal
8. Man-Sized Wreath
9. Ignoreland
10. The Great Beyond
11. Accelerate
12. Houston
13. Electrolite
14. The One I Love
15. Final Straw
16. Find The River
17. Let Me In
18. Walk Unafraid
19. Orange Crush
20. Horse to Water
21. Bad Day
22. I'm Gonna DJ

23. Supernatural Superserious
24. Pretty Persuasion
25. Losing My Religion
26. Fall On Me (w/ Johnny Marr)
27. Man On The Moon

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Krazee Eyez Killa said...

I was at the concert on Friday in Chicago.

The good… IGNORELAND (song of the night, by a mile), Find The River, I’m Gonna DJ, Let Me In and Horse to Water (the best of the new songs). Also, The National were very, very good.

The bad… For a band that can be so inventive, I do not understand why they continue to play The One I Love, Orange Crush and Losing My Religion. They need to be brave and challenge the public - this is what R.E.M. has always done with their records and they should do it more live. Modest Mouse was simply awful. For the life of me, I don’t see what people think is so great about that band.

Brian said...

they play those songs for the same reason dave matthews band still plays Crash Into Me. they are songs that got them where they are today. you have to please some of the general people who came to hear the hits.

i thought it was a great show. same feeling on Ignoreland. i love that song. and Man on the Moon to close - :)

Paul said...

I was at this show as well, and it was one of the best rock shows I've been to in a long time (I'm actually a big jazz geek...my trio actually does a version of Losing My Religion on our latest CD. Click my name).

Ignoreland was great, The Great Beyond was fantastic, and These Days has long been my favorite REM song, so that was a blast to hear, especially so early in the set.

Krazy Eyez Killa: You were bummed that they played Orange Crush, The One I Love and Losing My Religion. I'm kinda shocked that they had the balls to not play End of the World..., Stand, Everybody Hurts, Shiny Happy People, etc, etc, etc.

I agree with the assessment of Modest Mouse. But Johnny Marr is the poop. I love the Smiths.

And The National needs to write a song on their next album called: we really coulda used a soundcheck, man.

Rogan Josh said...

Yeah the majority of people get pissed when bands don't play the big hits - the casual concert goer goes for those very songs - which explains why everyone gets so up set when radiohead don't play Creep! Die hard fans shoudl be happy rem is making a real effort to play some of their older catalogue!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know where to find the set lisst for Friday night's show, night two?

Anonymous said...

nevermind, wrong thread. Sorry 'bout that

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