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Thursday, 26 June 2008

Radiohead Concert Set List Victoria Park, London - First Night

Radiohead Concert Set List Victoria Park, London - First Night

24th of June 2008

Radiohead played the whole of In Rainbows except for House of Cards. Thom Yorke again surprised the die hards by Cymbal Rush of his solo album, The Eraser!

Concert theme: It's Radiohead not Slipknot you fool!

15 Step/Bodysnatchers/All I Need/The National Anthem/Pyramid Song/Nude/Weird Fishes/Arpeggi/The Gloaming/Dollars and Cents/Faust Arp/There There/Just/Climbing Up The Walls/Reckoner/Everything In Its Right Place/How To Dissappear Completely/Jigsaw/ Falling Into Place

1st Encore

Videotape/Airbag/Bangers ‘n Mash/Planet Telex/The Tourist

2nd Encore

Cymbal Rush/You And Whose Army?/Idioteque

These guys did a pretty sweet write up of the concert.

"Then, 3 songs of sheer amazingness. First 'There There' which made me smile like a fool and sing louldy. Then 'Just' where the crowd practically expoded. Unfortunately at this point some absolute twat in front of me tried to actually mosh to it. It's Radiohead not Slipknot you fool! 'Just' was still amazing though. Then highlight number 2 of the gig, 'Climbing Up The Walls'. How the atmosphere changed from exuberant to pure eerie was incredible, and the sheer emotion pouring from the performance blew me away."

Second Night Here

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