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Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Pete Doherty Concert Set List at the Mass, Brixton

Pete Doherty Concert Set List at the Mass, Brixton

Pete Doherty played the Mass in Brixton on the 17th of Junw 2008 - he's being playing there a lot lately.

"I've tried to go and see Dirty Pretty Things twice," the drugsster said, "but I got nicked on the way to both. I'd like to dedicate this song to Carlos Barat." He then ripped into 'You're My Waterloo'.

Pete Doherty interacted with the audience a fair bit during the concert, stepping off from the stage to have a chat, hear song requests and pose for photos . Pete took 4 breaks during the show so the audience could have a quick fag outside!

Pete's Set List

'Harvest''/Billy Bilo' aka most likely Monkey Casino/'Never Never'/'Tell The King/''Dilly Boys'/'The Ballad Of Grimaldi'/'Albion''/The Lost Art Of Murder'/'Delivery'/'Salome' (!!!!!)/'I Love You But You're Green'/'You're My waterloo'/'Who's Got The Crack?'/'Time For Heroes''/Can't Stand Me Now''/The Delaney'/'Death On The Stairs'/'The Good Old Days'/'A'Rebours' /'Why Did You Go Home?''/Music When The Lights Go Out'/'What Katy Did'/'Don't Look Back Into The Sun/''Blackboy Lane''/For Lovers''/Waterfall'/'Back From The Dead'/'UnBilotitled''/East Of Eden''/What A Waster''/Love Rain O'er Me'/'There She Goes'/'The Ha Ha Wall/''My Darling Clementine'/'Up The Bracket''/Radio America/''Carry On Up The Morning'

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