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Sunday, 8 June 2008

Dead Flowers concert set list Fat Ladies Arms, Palmerston North

Dead Flowers Concert Set List

Winter some time 1998 at the Fat Ladies Arm's bar in Palmerston North.
Here's a set list from my Massey University Days - The Dead Flowers. This was a bill with The Feelers who opened. Dead Flowers had released their third album, Dead Flowers. The Feelers had released Pressure Man, Super System, but had not released their debut

Both bands totally rocked, afterwards I had a chat with the Dead Flowers and got them all to sign the set list. As you can see I'm a soul brotha! James Reid of the Feelers signed it too. A friend of mine also let him sign her breasts. Bless.

Shortly afterwards The Feelers released their album and became one of the hottest Kiwi acts in a long time. I think I've seen them 6 or 7 times since then! The Dead Flowers broke up and Bryan Bell went on to write songs for Vodafone commercials...

dead flowers set list james reid, brian bell, rob dollars

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