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Sunday, 29 June 2008

Band of Horses and Biffy Clyro Set Lists Glastonbury

Band Of Horses Glastonbury performance Set list

'First song'
'Is There a Ghost'
'The Great Salt Lake'
'No One's Gonna Love You...'
'Cigarettes and Wedding Bans'
'Ode to the LRC'
'Wicked Gil'
'Read My Mind...For Free'
'The Funeral'
'Detlef Schempf'
'Weed Party'
'The General Specific'

Biffy Clyro Glastonbury Concert Set list

'Saturday Superhouse'
'Who's Got A Match'
'A Whole Child Ago'
'Love Has A Diameter'
'My Recovery Injection'
'Get Fucked, Stud'
'Now I'm Everyone'
'Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies'
'Glitter and Trauma'
'As Dust Dances'

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