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Monday, 19 May 2008


So like the Spaghetti Incident reached 10,000 unique vistors for the first time this month! It took 18 days of the month and I'm pretty happy with that.  Thanks so much for finding this site and to the loyal returning visitors, cheers!
This site was initially intended to be the best site ever about all things  rock and roll but I was always to busy with Jimmy Jangles and life and how to live it to really do it justice. When I discovered people really reallly liked a certain Bonjovi set list I thought I'd try and cash in - so  I started to put on more and more set lists up. Not a totally original idea but whatever.... The relanch began with the Rock 2 Wellington concert in March and the site has since gone from 3 - 4 unique visits per day to anywhere from 300 to 1000. You really like set lists eh?
Following Horror Movie A Day's advice about getting a cool domain name, I was amazed to find that no one had registered thespaghettiincident.com, which I thought really surprising. So to celebrate the milestone I bought the domain.
So if you think 'set list', you should now think thespaghettiincident.com.

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