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Saturday, 24 May 2008

Van Halen Concert Set List Madison Square Garden, New York

Van Halen Concert Set List Madison Square Garden, New York

van halen concert set list

May 23 2008

Van Halen Set List

01.Your Really Got Me
02.I'm the one
03.Running with the devil
04.Romeo's delight
05.Someone call me a doctor
06.Beautiful girl
07.Dance the night away
08.Atomic punk
09.Everybody wants some
10.So this is love
11.Spanish fly
12.Mean street
13.Pretty woman
14.Alex's drum solo
16.I'll wait
17.And the cradle witll rock (followed by...whaaack off!)
18.Hot for teacher
19.Little dreamer
20.Jamies crying (or as per Ileana -> Jimmy's Dying....weeep woppp!)
21.Ice cream man
23.Eruption//Little Guitars
24.Ain't talking about love



This dude gives a totally amped review and the set list

Extra for Experts:

Here's the set list from the last time Van Halen played The Garden in November 2007

* "You Really Got Me"
* "I'm the One"
* "Running With the Devil"
* "Romeo Delight"
* "Somebody Get Me a Doctor"
* "Beautiful Girls"
* "Dance the Night Away"
* "Atomic Punk"
* "Everybody Wants Some"
* "So This Is Love?"
* "Mean Street"
* "Pretty Woman"
* Drum Solo
* "Unchained"
* "I'll Wait"
* "And the Cradle Will Rock"
* "Hot for Teacher"
* "Little Dreamer"
* "Little Guitars"
* "Jamie's Cryin' "
* "Ice Cream Man"
* "Panama"
* Guitar Solo
* "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love"
* "Jump"

More Van Halen set list here

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