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Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Van Halen Concert Set list Dunkin Donuts Center Providence

Van Halen Concert Set list Dunkin Donuts Center Providence, Rhode Island (RI)

May 25 2008

Only in America could you get an entertainment centre (center for the yanks!) called Dunkin Donuts. I know you can buy the naming rights and telcos and other corporate giants do but to name a place after a doughnut/donut?

I understand they had donuts in the rider instead of the bowl of M and M's without the brown ones.

It's the stuff of legends that Van Halen's concert rider contained a clause that a bowl of M and M's without the brown M and Ms was to be placed in the band's dressing room. If this was not done, the band knew that the promoter had not paid sufficient detail to the contract requirements and were on guard.

Anyways here's the Van Halen concert set list from their show at the Dunkin Donut Center.

van halen live in concert

Van Halen Set list:

01. You Really Got Me (from Van Halen, 1978)
02. I'm the One (from Van Halen, 1978)
03. Runnin' With the Devil (from Van Halen, 1978)
04. Romeo Delight (from Women and Children First, 1980)
05. Somebody Get Me a Doctor (from Van Halen II, 1979)
06. Beautiful Girls (from Van Halen II, 1979)
07. Dance the Night Away (from Van Halen II, 1979)
08. Atomic Punk (from Van Halen, 1978)
09. Everybody Wants Some (from Women and Children First, 1980)
10. So This Is Love? (from Fair Warning, 1981)
11. Mean Street (from Fair Warning, 1981)
12. Pretty Woman (from Diver Down, 1982)
13. Drum Solo
14. Unchained (from Fair Warning, 1981)
15. I'll Wait (from 1984, 1984)
16. And the Cradle Will Rock (from Women and Children First, 1980)
17. Hot for Teacher (from 1984, 1984)
18. Little Dreamer (from Van Halen, 1978)
19. Little Guitars (from Diver Down, 1982) *not played
20. Jamie's Cryin' (from Van Halen, 1978)
21. Ice Cream Man (from Van Halen, 1978)
22. Panama (from 1984, 1984)
23. Guitar Solo (incl. "Women in Love" intro, "Cathedral", "Eruption")
24. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love (from Van Halen, 1978)


25. 1984 (from 1984, 1984)
26. Jump (from 1984, 1984)

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