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Saturday, 31 May 2008

Slilverfish / Looma Set Lists

Some of my mates have been in bands at various times. Here's some set lists from those times..

Silverfish Set List Southern Cross Bar, Wellington about 2003.

silverfish concert set list

Silverfish advertising poster when they supported The Elusive Ones at Bar Bodega 2003ish.

silverfish concert flier

Looma concert set list, god knows when.

The Drummer from Looma is now is a heavy metal band Fractured

Here's their Biography: Fractured formed at the start of 2007 from ex-members of the band Remote (Nate, Gareth and Joe). Mark joined about 1 month later, and Malcolm joined at the end of 2007. They spent 2007 writing and recording demos, and currently have an as-yet untitled EP in he works. There are also plans for an upcoming video and World Domination!

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