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Thursday, 8 May 2008

Set list - Flight of the Conchords - New York

Flight of the Conchords Concert Setlist.

Here is the setlist for the Flight of the Conchords setlist from their New York concert on May 7, 2008

flight of the conchords concert set list


Inner City/Pressure/Most Beautiful Girl/Think About It/New song (About ex-girlfriends and what they would complain about)/Motha'uckas/A Kiss Is Not A Contract/Free Bird/Hiphopopotamus v. Rhymenocerous/Jenny/Bret You've Got It Goin' On/Robots/If You're Into It/Not Crying/Business Time/Albi/New song (called "I Told You I Was Freaky"?!)/Ladies of the World


Bus Driver Song/Angels

This red head met Brett and Jermain after the show. Here's Jermaine flipping the bird, looks like he learnt it wrong?

jermaine clement flipping the bird

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That set list is from the Conchords' first NY show on May 6. They played Sello Tape and Bowie at the May 7 show and did NOT play Freebird.

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