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Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Secret Shihad Valve Concert 2002

Here's the set list from Shihad's 2nd last gig before they became Pacifier. It was late 2002, probably December. It was a secret gig at The Valve which is opposite a famous Wellington strip club called Liks. The last gig as Shiahd was the following month at the Big Day in Auckland. The gig wasn't so secret as it was announced on Radioactive radio station.

We had a friend who went down and sat in the Friday sun to save a place as only the first 500 got in. We did and got up the front.

The pix is us at the front of the Shihad gig. How did that happen? you might ask?! Well it happened because Shihad drummer Tom Larkin took it and put it on their website! I'm the handsome fellow in the grey singlet. As you can see I had awesome hair, great skin and was skinny back then.

shihad valve concert

Here's the concert set list that I grabed that night: Note it had B/proof on it which became bullit proof on the Pacifier Album.

shihad concert set list

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