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Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Radiohead concert set list West Palm Beach, Florida

Radiohead kept the Karma police's fridge buzzing last in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Radiohead strode onto the stage in front of a large screen while Tibetan flags were draped over their gear. The Beastie Boys would have been proud. Apparently Radiohead have practiced about 60 songs for the tour so rabid fans following them can expect them to mix up their set lists quite a lot over the tour.

Here's the concert set list for Radiohead playing West Palm Beach, Florida

May 5, 2008


01 All I Need
02 Bodysnatchers
03 There There
04 Reckoner
05 The Gloaming
06 Morning Bell
07 Nude
08 How To Disappear Completely
09 15 Step
10 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
11 Idioteque
12 Bulletproof…I Wish I Was
13 Where I End And You Begin
14 Airbag
15 Everything In Its Right Place
16 The National Anthem
17 Videotape

Encore 1

18 Optimistic
19 Just
20 Faust Arp
21 Exit Music (for a film)
22 Bangers + Mash

Encore 2

23 House of Cards
24 Street Spirit

Here's the setlist from Radiohead's Charlotte, North Carolina Concert

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mag said...

haha i hope rabid fans won't be disappointed.
the setlist is more than very good. i wish it would be the same 8 july:}

Anonymous said...

This was a great show! For me, the highlight was the droning creative energy of The Liars!

Anonymous said...

awesome set

Anonymous said...

anyone know how long the liars set lasted? going to atlanta show thursday- think i may be getting there late and hate to miss any

Anonymous said...

This is an awesome set, but I don't know how they leave out Jigsaw Falling into Place and put on Faust Arp? Also I really hope they play Paranoid Android when I go to the show in Charlotte this Friday. This is a great set otherwise, however, and you have to love them playing just which was a little surprising to me.

Anonymous said...

I agree this is an wonderfuly amazing setlist, all it needs is paranoid android and jigsaw and it would blow out the fans minds

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