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Thursday, 29 May 2008

HP Pavilion at San Jose: Cure Concert Set List

The Cure Set List

28 May 2008

Venue: Pavilion at San Jose


prayers for rain/disintegration
fascination street/disintegration
the perfect boy/freakshow - new
the blood/the head on the door
the end of the world/the cure
to wish impossible things/wish
pictures of you/disintegration
catch/kiss me kiss me kiss me
hot hot hot/kiss me kiss me kiss me
the only one/freakshow - new
a strange day/pornography
sleep when i'm dead/freakshow - new
push/the head on the door
doing the unstuck/wish
inbetween days/the head on the door
just like heaven/kiss me kiss me kiss me
a letter to elise/wish
from the edge of the deep green sea/wish
shake dog shake/the top
wrong number/galore
one hundred years/pornography
at night/17 seconds
m/17 seconds
play for today/17 seconds
a forest/17 seconds
freakshow/freakshow - new
close to me/the head on the door
why can't i be you?/kiss me kiss me kiss me
boys don't cry/boys don't cry
jumping someone else's train/boys don't cry
grinding halt/boys don't cry
10:15 saturday night/3 imaginary boys/boys don't cry
Killing an arab boys/don't cry

The Sauce

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