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Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Cure Concert Set list Agganis Arena Boston Massachusetts

The Cure set list from their concert at BU's Agganis Arena in Boston, Massachusetts (MA)

The Cure are becoming known for their setlists as being long, sprawly and pleasing the fans...
the cure concert set list

The concert was on Monday, May 12th, 2008

Cure set list
01. Plainsong
02. Prayers For Rain
03. alt.end
04. A Night Like This
05. The End of the World
06. Lovesong
07. Sleep When I'm Dead (new)
08. Pictures of You
09. Lullaby
10. The Perfect Boy (new)
11. From The Edge of the Deep Green Sea
12. Hot Hot Hot!!!
13. The Only One (new)
14. The Blood
15. Wrong Number
16. The Walk
17. Signal To Noise
18. Push
19. In Between Days
20. Just Like Heaven
21. Primary
22. Us or Them
23. Never Enough
24. 100 Years
25. Disintegration

Encore One

26. Lovecats
27. Freakshow (new)
28. Close To Me
29. Why Can't I Be You?

Encore Two

30. Play For Today
31. A Forest

Encore Three

32. Boys Don't Cry
33. Jumping Someone Else's Train
34. Grinding Halt
35. 10:15 Saturday Night
36. Killing An Arab

Chain of Flowers has a heap of information about the Cure.

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