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Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Blindspott gig setlist Indigo Bar Wellington

Here's a set list from recently defunct kiwi band Blindspott. This was from what was then called the Indigo Bar, Wellington. Now it's the San Francisco Bathhouse. Which, if you ask me, and I take it you did, is a shite name for a bar that specialises in concerts ( I saw The Misfits play there, and Flight of the Conchords too!)

Me and The Whore where there, boozed up as usual in those days. Blindspott opened with a karakia, which is a Maori prayer lead by the guitarist (Maori speech on the set list). It was pretty effective. You can see on the set list the Blindspott graffiti and that they added SUIT to the set list. I think SUIT stands for So Us Is This. I also think Blindspott had just release Nil By Mouth as a single, it was definitely before they released their first album.

Here's the Blindspott concert set list

blindspott concert set list

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