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Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Vancouver, Canada meet Eddie, Vedder

This apparently was Eddie Vedder's first performance of his first offiicial without Pearl Jam...

Set list for Eddie Vedder solo, Vancouver, Canada


“Walking the Cow” (Daniel Johnston cover)
“Around the Bend”
“I Am Mine”
“Dead Man”
“Man of the Hour”
“No Ceiling”
“Far Behind”
“Millworker” (James Taylor cover)
“Broken Hearted”
“You’re True”
“Drifting Along”
“Hide Your Love Away” (Beatles cover)
“Picture in a Frame” (Tom Waits cover)
“Trouble” (Cat Stevens cover)
“I Won’t Back Down” (Tom Petty cover)
“Forever Young” (Bob Dylan cover)


“Society” (with Liam Finn)
“Growin’ Up” (Bruce Springsteen cover)
“No More”


“Hard Sun” (with Finn and Eliza Jane Barnes)

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