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Saturday, 26 April 2008

Foo Fighters Concert Set list

Foo Fighters Concert Set list

Saskatoon, Canada

27th March 2008

1. Let It Die
2. Pretender
3. Times Like These
4. Breakout
5. Learn to Fly
6. Cheer Up Boys, Your Makeup’s Running
7. This Is a Call
8. The One
9. Stacked Actors with a long drum solo from Taylor Hawkins

Acoustic Set: Smaller Stage In-the-Round

10. Skin & Bones
11. Marigold
12. My Hero
13. Cold Day in the Sun (with Taylor Hawkins on vocals)
14. But, Honestly
15. Everlong

2nd Acoustic Set

16. Monkey Wrench
17. All My Life

The Encore

18. Big Me (feat. Jessy Green)
19. Long Road to Ruin
20. Best of You

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