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Sunday, 6 April 2008

Queens of the Stone Age Gig Review

Queens of the Stone Age have played plenty of shows at the Palace before, but that was the old Palace in St Kilda. "I've got a lot of blood in there," frontman Josh Homme said recently, before it was burnt to the ground.

By Patrick Donovan, 3 April in the Melbourne Age
But here he was, fronting the tightest, most interesting rock band on the planet, at the new, improved version in the city. Sight lines were vastly improved, the sound was great, but by charging $9 for mixed spirits and $5 for a bottle of water, it was as if they were factoring in the next five years of inflation.

From the start of this show, it seemed the Queens were intent on leaving more blood and sweat in the new Palace. The Mad Max films, AC/DC and his Geelong-born partner Brody Dalle have played major roles in Homme's life, so he was keen to turn it on in his adopted home town.

While the three guitarists extracted hard, dry riffs and alien sounds out of their instruments, behemoth drummer Joey Castillo drove the songs with rock precision. Bathed in green light from gothic chandeliers, he resembled the Incredible Hulk and looked as if he would need an intravenous drip applied if he went on any longer.

The 90-minute set was dominated by the sexy, cosmic songs from recent album Era Vulgaris such as Turning on the Screw, Sick Sick Sick and "one for the ladies" in Make it Wit Chu. This sexy music is better experienced in a dark club than at festivals.

The Queens have released five great albums, so it was always going to be difficult to please all the fans, but they chose wisely by delivering old gems Monsters in the Parasol, Go with the Flow and Regular John, which segued into a five-minute jam.


Queens of the Stone age are on tour with the Smashing Pumpkins

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