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Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Official History of Duran Duran 1980 - 1989


After two years, founding members Nick Rhodes (keyboard) and John Taylor (bass) finalize the Duran Duran line up with Roger Taylor (drums), Andy Taylor (guitar) and Simon LeBon (vocals). They begin work on their first record, Duran Duran.

Duran Duran releases their first single "Planet Earth" off of their eponymous debut LP. It enters UK Top 20, the album reaches #3 and sells in excess of 2.5 million copies.

Duran Duran tests the waters of the US by playing an extensive club tour, including a stint at the Roxy in Los Angeles and the Ritz in New York City.

The band makes the first extended video to accompany the dance mix of their song "Girls on Film". It is directed by Godley and Crème and meets with much controversy.


Duran Duran supports Blondie on their US tour. Their newly released record Rio spawns three UK Top 10 hits - "Hungry Like the Wolf", "Save a Prayer", and "Rio".

Carnival, an EP of extended re-mixes taken from the Rio album is released.

Spectacular music videos follow as the band goes to Sri Lanka with Director Russell Mulcahy to film videos for "Save A Prayer", "Hungry Like the Wolf" and "Lonely in your Nightmare" then on Antigua to film "Rio".

Princess Diana declares Duran Duran her favorite band.

MTV grabs hold of "Hungry like the Wolf", which later becomes one of the 15 most played videos ever.

The US discovers Duran Duran and sends "Hungry Like the Wolf" and "Rio" into the Top 10.


"Is There Something I Should Know?" goes straight to #1 in the UK (only the fourth time that had ever happened in chart history) and reaches #4 in the US.

Seven and the Ragged Tiger, the group's third album, hits UK #1 and the first single, "Union of the Snake," explodes around the world.

Nick Rhodes produces the hit "Too Shy" by Kajagoogoo.

Simon and Nick are Guest VJs on MTV and Andy Warhol stops by to pay them a visit.

Duran Duran performs on Saturday Night Live and do a video signing in a Times Square store, where they are mobbed by fans and the police riot squad are called to control the crowd. Duran Duran releases a video album and the band performs on MTV's first ever New Year's Bash.

The group perform at the Prince's Trust Concert at the Dominion Theatre, where Prince Charles and Princess Diana were in attendance. Years later, it was revealed that the IRA had attempted to plant bombs in the lavatory of the theatre in an assassination attempt, but the plot was foiled.

Seven and the Ragged Tiger spawns two further hit singles, "New Moon on Monday" and "The Reflex," which becomes their first US #1.

The group appears on the cover of Rolling Stone, where they are christened the "Fab Five".

Duran Duran appears on the Band Aid charity record, "Do They Know It's Christmas?" along with Bono, Sting, George Michael, Boy George and others.

The band wins two Grammy Awards for best long and short form video.

Following this success, Duran Duran undertakes a major US arena tour. They are the first act to utilize live video cameras and screens in their show.

Hysteria reaches "Beatlemania" proportion. They break every existing merchandise record. During the tour, the mayhem is documented in the film Sing Blue Silver.

A show is recorded and results in the live album Arena, which also includes the Nile Rodgers produced single "Wild Boys" which goes to #2 in the US and #1 around the World.


The live version of "Save a Prayer" is released as a single in the USA. "A View To a Kill," the theme song from the James Bond movie of the same name, goes #1 worldwide. It is the only Bond theme to ever hit #1.

Simon Le Bon and Nick Rhodes form Arcadia with drummer Roger Taylor, whose Platinum album So Red the Rose yields the Top 20 single "Election Day." Guests on the Arcadia CD include Grace Jones, Sting, David Gilmour and Herbie Hancock.

Nick and Simon Guest VJ on MTV, with artist Keith Haring painting the entire set during the hour.

Duran Duran performs at JFK Stadium in Philadelphia for the Live Aid charity event. It turns out to be the last performance featuring the original line up.

Roger Taylor and Andy Taylor leave Duran Duran.


Warren Cuccurullo, formerly of Frank Zappa's band and Missing Persons, takes over as guitarist.

John Taylor, Nick Rhodes and Simon Le Bon release the funk-based album Notorious. The single of the same name reaches #2.


Duran Duran delivers further singles "Skin Trade" and "Meet El Presidente" from Notorious and set out on the Strange Behaviour World Tour. The band plays a charity gig at the Beacon Theatre in NYC, where Lou Reed joins them on stage to perform "Sweet Jane" and "Walk on the Wild Side."

The band participates in a behind the scenes documentary called Three To Get Ready. Shot entirely in black and white, the movie is shown at many film festivals.


Big Thing is released, generating the hits "I Don't Want Your Love" (Top 5 worldwide) and "All She Wants Is." The video for "All She Wants Is," directed by avant-garde photographer Dean Chamberlain is awarded by MTV for its innovation.


To kick off their tour in support of the album, the band gets back to basics and begins the Caravan Duran Tour, playing small clubs in the United States and abroad.

The United States Army discovers the use of music is very successful in psychological warfare against their enemy. The Bush Administration found it necessary to invade Panama to rid the country of General Manuel Noriega. To increase Noriega's tension and unease, the Army begins to play a selection of loud music near his base, including Duran Duran's "Hungry like the Wolf."

The band continues to tour in support of Big Thing, moving On to larger venues with the Electric Theatre Tour

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