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Saturday, 5 April 2008

Bonjovi Christchurch - helped by $50,000 incentive

Here's an interesting follow p to the Bonjovi concert in Christchurch - the City Counil effectively gave the promoter Phil Sprey a $50,000 discount incentive to do the concert.

The Christ Church Press covers it.


The sweetener was offered to the concert promoter as a discount on expenses such as hiring AMI Stadium, organising security and ticketing costs for the gig in a bid to lure visitors to Christchurch.

Americans Bon Jovi rocked a 30,000-strong crowd on January 27, boosting visitor spending in Christchurch by as much as $10 million and attracting 16,500 people to Canterbury over that weekend, said AMI Stadium manager VBase.

Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker said the investment reaped dividends by bringing people to the city.

"You can say we filled the hotels, airports and restaurants for three days ... every now and again we have to get out and bid for live events like concerts. It is not unusual for a council to create a fund to attract events we know the community likes and people love to see."

The council would not release further details of the deal because they were commercially sensitive.

VBase chief executive Bryan Pearson said the deal was also financially supported by booking agency Ticketek and AMI Insurance.

He said the economic impact of the gig was "quite phenomenal".

"The visitor spending impact was in the range of $8m to $10m. One of the contributors on their own is valuable, but together it creates an all-round commercial package," he said.

"We just thought it was the right artist for the right time in the right place ... it is not a cash donation, it is an arrangement. It always helps, but a concert of that scale should stand on its own two feet," (Phil Sprey)

Sprey would not disclose how much the Bon Jovi concert cost to stage but said gigs cost "millions" to organise and could sometimes top $10m.

The Christchurch concert made money, unlike his Rock2Wellington venture over Easter that lost an estimated $750,000.

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