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Sunday, 6 April 2008

The Black Crowes - Warpaint reviewed

The Black Crowes, Warpaint

Album Review By Scott Kara

Black Crowes founders Chris and Rich Robinson spent most of the 90s running round being party animals and revelling in the fame and fortune that early albums like Shake Your Money Maker had earned them.

They never stopped playing their old fashioned brand of posturing Stones-soaked blues, with a southern porch song twang, but in 2002 the brothers decided to walk away from the band.

They'd had enough of each other, for the time being anyway.

Amazing what a few years can do and new album, Warpaint, is their best since 1994's Amorica (the one with the naughty 90's bikini on the cover).

The good old boys, joined by drummer Steve Gorman and bass player Sven Pipien, also play the Logan Campbell Centre tonight.

They've put a little grease on their axles - to paraphrase Warpaint 's opening track Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution - and are rolling just like old times.

In fact, raw and raunchy songs like Walk Believer Walk, the cosmic blues of We Who See the Deep, and spacey, brooding rocker Movin' On Down the Line, will make you embrace the bros like long lost friends.

The porch song mood comes through on pleading wailer Oh Josephine and the beautiful Locust Street, with cheesy yet sweet line, "Can't you hear the sunrise crying a song for you alone".

The Black Crowes don't quite have the swagger of old, but these lads are now growing up gracefully and back doing the thing they love.


Chucky went up to see them for the gig, I'll get his thoughts later.

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