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Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Rock2Wellington - 20 Arrests

Stuff reports further on Rock2Wellington

The arrests - which brought the Rock2Wgtn festival total to 20 in two days - were mainly for minor offences such as trespass, a Wellington police spokesman said.

Three people were also arrested for breaking into cars outside Westpac Stadium while Ozzy Osbourne, Poison and Whitesnake played inside on Sunday night.

Wellington Regional Stadium Trust chief executive David Gray said the crowd was generally well-behaved.

"I think it was pretty good, given the type of crowd that we had - all there looking to have a good time."

It was a long event with many people arriving early and lining up for hours, he said.

The stadium's bars were under pressure on both nights. Concert-goers drank some outlets dry, forcing a two-drink limit on the first night and going through all the bottled beer on the second night.

The stadium would not disclose the quantities drunk.

I was there and when lining up for a drink they appeared to unilaterally switch the limit of 4 to 2 - people could still buy beer - I suspect it was more of a not let any one get too drunk move - half way through Ozzy all the outlets shut any way....

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