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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

OMG Micheal Stipe is still gay. Call the Pope!

Micheal Stipe, singer for REM and hero for bald men everywhere has said the words he is gay. Again.

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Oh how timely is a gay revelation when you have an album to release? Well I guess its good for REM, not so if you are a Back Street Boy.

Dunno what the big deal is, he outed him self when promoting Monster claimed himself as being an 'equal opportunity letch' and even before then he has previously called himself a 'queer artist". Visit his wiki for da goss.

From Stuff which is apparently borrowing from Spin Magazine.


Stipey said: "It was super complicated for me in the '80s. I was totally open with the band and my family and my friends and certainly the people I was sleeping with. I thought it was pretty obvious.

"I didn't always see that. But I see now, of course that's the case, of course that's needed. I'd just never felt strongly enough about a particular relationship to say, ËœYeah, he's my boyfriend, that is what it is.'

"Now I recognise that for public figures to be very open about their sexuality helps some kid somewhere."
Either way the supersonic superserious single rocks, the album has leaked to the internet and REM are back. Let's hope its better than the last album, which had some good tunes but no cohesion. That is to say, in recent times REM  (Reveal onwards) have been a singles band, not an album band.

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