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Sunday, 23 March 2008

Oh Lordi, Alice Cooper is a nightmare

Vaughan Smith's Lordi and Alice Cooper Review
If I said to you "Lordi had an awesome onstage presence and the lead singer had a battle axe microphone" you might think to yourself that sounds fantastic, could it get better? Yes - because fireworks came out of it.

A weapon perfect for singing, battle and burning down houses with thatched roofs - or lighting a fire to keep warm in the Wellington stadium. They finished their set with the song that won them the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest "Hard Rock Hallelujah" and some flames from the axe.

And then to Alice

Alice Cooper then took to the stage wielding his cane and started dealing punishment to his guitarists straight away, telling them to play to the crowd. Then, in true Cooper style, he pretended to cut the throat of a woman who joined him on stage.

After which she returned with a baby carriage and he cut her throat for a second time before picking up the baby, shaking the baby, then hammering a stake into the aforementioned babies chest, before being put into a straight jacket.

It didn't stop there, of course, he then escaped and sliced yet another woman's throat. Not surprisingly, Coopper was then sent to the gallows for the excessive amount of throat-slitting and infanticide during his set.

Finally, he came back to life before launching into Singstar favourite "Poison", thanking himself for playing then signing off. It was a very pleasing performance, although admittedly slightly disturbing.


I say Alice Cooper totally rocked. His young band is fierce and they pulled out the old hits with Misfit like attitude. Alice ran round stabbing babies and being hung for his troubles. Only woman bleed? Not if Steven has his way, he'd kill everybody if he had a chance...

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