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Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Nin Inch Nails? More like Three Inch Nails

Industrial metal* band Nine Inch Nails has uploaded their latest record onto one of the world's most controversial file-sharing websites The Pirate Bay.

Less than six months since he encouraged Australian concert-goers find his music online and steal, steal and steal some more†, frontman Trent Reznor released the nine-track Ghosts I album as a torrent on the Swedish-based website.

A Swedish court is currently trying The Pirate Bay, which has the world's largest directory of BitTorrent files on the web, for alleged breaches of copyright law.
On a message posted on the notorious website, Reznor said the band personally uploaded the new album and said people were free to spread it amongst friends.
We believe BitTorrent is a revolutionary digital distribution method, and we believe in finding ways to utilize new technologies instead of fighting them, Reznor said.


Industry metal? I don't think so Tim.

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