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Monday, 24 March 2008

Look what the cat dragged in...

Vaughan Smith survives the second night...

To my surprise, and the surprise of others I was with, Poison was the first band on stage this evening. We had all picked Whitesnake to open the proceedings. Bret Michaels, Poison frontman/Tv Reality Star was very polite, thanking New Zealand after every song and before the start of the next song. Often taking the time to tell us all that the lead guitarist's name is CC. CC was orange. Fake tan Orange, but he sure knew what to do with a guitar. The drummer had the sort of haircut you'd see of a skinny 15 year old boy dressed mostly in black, but again was very competent with the skins. Musical highlights of their performance were Unskinny Bop and the lighter igniting, romantic sing a long "Every rose has it's thorn". Poison thanked us again for our hospitality before leaving the stage to go and enjoy that very hospitality.

During the break New Zealand band Sonic Altar sung a song called "My name is Sue"... I think. The Weta Dragon reared it's head again, whilst an old play to a Rock2Wellington veteran such as myself it was a new ball game to the people who hadn't attended last night.

Whitesnake took to the stage and automatically won "The Best Band Logo" of the festival with a White snake looping around a large capital W. Brilliant in it's simplicity. David Coverdale, lead singer and ex member of Deep Purple (new fact for me), didn't talk to the crowd too much, when he did he welcomed us with a Kia Ora and told us that last time he was here, 32 years ago, he had been arrested and sentenced to 6 months jail, I think he was fibbing, and his fibbing continued when he said New Zealand had 3 pubs for every person, not only horrifically incorrect, but also highly economically improbable.

Although my friend assured me "You'll totally know some of their songs, you'll say 'Oh that song, I didn't know that was Whitesnake'" that never happened... Until the best sing a long of Rock2Wellington came in the form of the penultimate song from Whitesnake "Here we go again", the crowd were so into it and everyone screamed the chorus as best they could, filling gaps with noises, all in all far better than the Singing Bee. Whitesnake then bid us a due and departed the stage to thunderous applause for their fantastic musical abilities.

The Weta Dragon appeared again, this time it's lazer eyes found a home in the smoke around the stadium not put there by the smoke machines. It seemed the ideal time to seek refreshments, everyone else figured the same though and the 20 minutes I spent in line for water was spent mostly overhearing young and old, black and white, bogan and boganess, discussing how fantastic Ozzy Osbourne was going to be. The crowd roar signalled to me the Prince of Darkness was about to take the stage so I abandoned hydration and headed back to my seats for the final performance of the weekend.

The Ozzy Osbourne Experience begun with a montage of Ozzy edited into scenes from popular shows and movies, including The Sopranos, Entourage, The Queen and Dancing with the Stars, (in which he pulled on Heather Mills-McCartneys leg off and threw it at her) proving Sharon was keeping him up to date with the MTV Generation. He appeared on stage and begun his performance. He had an amazing guitarist who was introduced to the audience but I couldn't understand what his name was from the mouth of the Ozzy.

Ozzy told us between songs that he couldn't hear us, he said it so often I actually believe he couldn't hear anything, as many who attended the concert won't be able to hear anything for the next few days. I can recommend a good audiologist... Ozzy finished off his set with 'Mama I'm coming home' and "Paranoid" before leaving the stage and not returning. The lights came on and it seemed it was time to go home.

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