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Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Just wiki it man...

Search for an artist on any of the popular search engines, and the top three results are practically guaranteed: the artist's official website, Wikipedia entry and MySpace page - often in that order.

But while artists and their handlers devote massive attention to the website and MySpace, the Wikipedia page is often overlooked. Recent data suggests they may want to reconsider their priorities.

According to data provided to Billboard from Yahoo - the second-most popular search engine on the web after Google - those searching for artist information are selecting the Wikipedia entry link over artists' MySpace pages by a factor of more than 2-to-1. The Wikipedia entries are also more popular than artists' websites.

"The interest that people had to go to MySpace to find out more about their favourite band is waning in favour of going to Wikipedia," Yahoo head of programming and label relations John Lenac says. "In the last six months, it's surpassed it."

Yet when compared with the number of artist profiles on MySpace, Wikipedia entries are noticeably fewer. MySpace claims 3 million artist profiles. Wikipedia does not have an exact count of artist entries, but estimates that it's in the "tens of thousands," according to Wikipedia Foundation head of communications Jay Walsh.

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I always go to wikipedia first if am curious - it usually puts you on the right track for the history of the band/muscian. Who wants to read the lastest PR release from the band? Oh we're putting the album out on the interweb for free and you can remix it! Please. And as for myspace? WTF looks at myspace? Sorry, I forgot I'm 30 now and by law and so am prevented from doing so.

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