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Monday, 24 March 2008

Jimmy Jangles reviews Rock 2 Wellington

Jimmy Jangles Review of the Rock 2 Wellington Festival


The winners of the find a guitarist competition sponsored by Music Works came on about 6.30 pm. They could all riff out their chops faster than a bat out of hell. Only 2 of them really had any soul, the rest just playing as fast as they could. Still it was entertaining, the guy the smashed his guitar however was clearly a douche bag.

Best player: The Bald Guy

And the sun set and the darkness crept in and upon us stormed..


All the way from Finland for this gig and they were not jet lagged, playing a high energy set consisting of their famous Hard Rock Hallelujah, Blood Red Sand Man, the Devil is a Loser etc. The front Monsterman, a Mr Lordi, has a battle axe for a microphone. Into one end he sings, and from the other comes fire sparks. Kind of like Rammstein for the Dark Ages.

Not many people knew the songs, but I sure did having borrowed them from the interweb and checking out youtube. For sheer pageantry this was a great gig - the fun monster / devil/ it snows in hell type songs, though while very derivative, were bloody fun.

Best Song: The Devil is a Loser

Alice Cooper

This guy was fareeking awesome. Best energy, great songs, great costumes, stabbed babies, hangings. If you wanted to get Trashed this weekend, this was the concert to be at. Alice Cooper's band is fierce! They played hard and had some great melodies coming out of the Marshall stacks. Alice delivered a great story, the songs all flowed together really well. Highlights for me were Halo of Flies and Only Woman Bleed (which we know is not true - men cut themselves shaving all the time). And for the physchos out there, an alice cooper concert is probably the only place that one can get way with stabbing a baby...

Best Song: Halo of Flies


Overrated as a band, over rated as spectacle. Let's face it Kiss have 3 really really popular mainstream songs - playing only I was made for loving you and Rock and Roll all night at the end (missing out God gave you rock and roll). Like its a fun show but it got boring towards the end because of all the sameness of the songs.

Millions would disagree but Kiss have become the classic rock band that should bow out gracefully. Alice Cooper should have headlined. No doubt about it.

Best Song: The last one.. shesh


Look what the cat dragged in indeed. I was expecting Brett Micheals to be a douche but he actually came out like he was just one of the boys who likes a few beers. His mum must have raised him well as he thanked NZ for its hospitality after every song. He seemed genuine (unlike Kiss) in his exhortations to the crowd. CC plays well but he looks like he is giving a blowjob with his wide open mouth during every solo.

As expected, Every Rose was one of the highlights of the entire festival with probably the best crowd sing along of the weekend.

A real fun set, Poison knew there place and kicked off the night really well.

Best Song: Every Rose has its thorn (what a surprise)


Awesome guitarists, Coverdale has a strong voice but only one truly great song and while it was fun at the time on reflection this was probably the weakest set of songs - played exceptionally well by the band though.

Best Song - Here I go again (what a surprise 2)

Ozzy Osborne

The reason for the season. The Prince of Darkness is now an old, deaf man. I knew to expect ozzy as one dimensional as he is and he is sooo boring on stage. The only good thing is his passable singing (effects assistance like Kiss had?) and his fucking awesome band.

Road to Nowhere, Bar at the Moon, War pigs, Crazy Train and Momma I'm coming home were the highlights from Ozzie for me.

The true highlight for me of the whole event was Zakk Wyld. He is pretty much why I shelled out 300 bucks for this gig. Zakk makes Ozzy, there would be no Ozzy without him. Zakk plays fast but unlike so many other players you can feel his music. His solo solo, which surprise, surprise Simon Sweetman hated was one of the happiest moments of my concert going career. He roughed up the feedback really loud and then just made the guitar wail. It was monstrous and loud. It was bogan heaven.

Mr Oz is the supposed the Prince of Darkness, so the contrast of Zakk being seemingly a true god botherer, looking to the heavens, praising the baby jesus for every riff he just nailed is amusing. Hell, Ozzie even said god bless as he left the stage.

Overall this was a great gig, though he's an idiot on stage, he's extremely fun and plays up his image to the crowd just to the sterotype expected (even if he is that type) "lets go fucking mental" and "I can't hear you!" - the songs rocked out with a good mix of old and new so you cannot complain to Perry Mason for help.

Best Song: War Pigs outro, Road to No Where, Zakk Wylde solo.


Anonymous said...

we SO agree with you regarding Alice Vs Kiss! Alice rocked.

Anonymous said...

We are SO please u agree!

Anonymous said...

hold on a minute you forgot to mention Ozzy being on a 5 minute delay on every song, his timing sucks but he is a legend.

Jimmy Jangles said...

I can't hear you.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I disagree with you about Zak Wylde's solo and have to agree with Simon Sweetman. It sucked. Ozzys drummer needs to be fired also missed his timing I dont know how many times. The highlight for me was Alice on the first night and White Snake sounded the most professional and the guitarist kicked ass.

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