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Thursday, 13 March 2008

Beatles? Ah yes sucky name, piss off Jude

So stuff apparently stole* this from some where so I'll take a bit under the fair use provisions of the Copy Right Act ...

Full article ici

The talent scout who turned down the Beatles has long been credited with committing the music industry's biggest gaffe.

But Dick Rowe's billion-dollar boo-boo has been beaten to the top spot on Blender magazine's list of the "20 biggest record company screw-ups of all time" by the failure of record companies to capitalize on the internet.

The major labels took top dishonours for driving file-sharing service Napster out of business in 2001, instead of figuring out a way to make money from its tens of millions of users. The downloaders merely scattered to hundreds of other sites, and the industry has been in a tailspin ever since.

"The labels' campaign to stop their music from being acquired for free across the internet has been like trying to cork a hurricane – upward of a billion files are swapped every month on peer-to-peer networks," Blender said in the report, which appears in its newly published April issue.

Rowe came in at No 2 for politely passing on the Beatles after the unpolished combo performed a disastrous audition in 1962. Beatles manager Brian Epstein later claimed the Decca Records executive had told him that "groups with guitars are on their way out," a comment that Rowe denied making. He went on to sign the Rolling Stones...

*When I say stole I mean sourced from Reuters. Good fellows, Reuters. I like to Reut a lot my self.

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