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Saturday, 1 March 2008

Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy Oi!

Stuff has this on Ozzy Osbourne.

Just in case you weren't entirely certain - Ozzy Osbourne is still "&*$%ing nuts". But there are some things you might not know. He thinks the war in Iraq was a bad idea, that troubled celebrities could learn from him, and he does not want to retire.

He thinks the US should have predicted the terror attacks on the World Trade Center and still suffers from stage fright. He's still Ozzy, though, the undisputed Prince of Darkness.
"I used to enjoy being &*$%ing crazy," he told The Dominion Post from Los Angeles. "I ain't no saint now. I'm still &*$%ing nuts."

Ozzy regretfully admits that, while he has fond memories of this country, he can't remember much about the place that he will soon visit for the Rock2Wgtn festival at Easter. He last played Wellington in 1973 with Black Sabbath and last played New Zealand in 1998.

He has been swotting up though. One of his entourage - a man named Howard who looks after the Osbourne mansion - is a Kiwi.

Ozzy said he had a personal connection with Aotearoa that dated back to well before he began biting the heads off bats; one that's not widely known. "I had an uncle that used to live there ... he was one of the black sheep of the family."

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